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GitGrade automates repository creation and access control, making it easy to distribute starter code, collect student submissions, and grade efficiently using UW CSE GitLab.

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Convenient for both students and course staff!

GitGrade provides a familiar, easy to use interface for students to recieve and submit assignments, as well as quick and useful tools for TAs and other course staff to grade and provide feedback.

Students recieve assignment files as a GitLab repository, which they can commit and push to on CSE GitLab. When they're finished, they can simply submit their repository for grading. Assignments can also be setup to provide useful feedback like linter or autograder results, to provide useful information to students.

Create Assignments

Distribute assignments with starter code. Students work on assignments individually using private GitLab repositories.

Invite Students

Students in your course gain access to assignments using unique invitation URLs, eliminating the need to collect NetIDs in advance and manage repository permissions manually.

Annotate & Release Feedback

Course TAs prepare feedback to students using a rich markdown format and release code reviews directly to the student repository.

Integrate UW Canvas

Grades are automatically submitted to the course Canvas as submissions are being graded. Student enrollments on Canvas are also synchronized with GitGrade so each TA can manage their own students.

Build Powerful Grading Scripts

Grading scripts can be executed during grading to test student code and to provide consistent feedback. GitGrade grading scripts are powered by CSE14x's gradingscripts framework.